About Deea Indian Restaurant

The interest in and passion for Bangladeshi cuisine trade has grown tremendously over the last few decades. Of the many business people who have been attracted to the catering and hospitality industry, Mr. Monaf is one of the most successful and talented. He is a distinguished entrepreneur and proprietor of three prestigious and hugely successful restaurants in West London that specialize in authentic and creatively put-together Bangladeshi menus. In a span of just few years, he opened three of the most popular Bangladeshi restaurants in West London. Today, 32 years later, his restaurants are as celebrated as they ever were, with an ever-growing customer base and reputation.

The popularity of Mr. Monaf's restaurants has sprung from his genuine interest in people and his desire to maintain his customer's total satisfaction. His concept of hospitality embraces entertaining diners in a relaxing environment and ensuring the quality of ingredients and outstanding standards of preparation.

Mr. Monaf's passion for providing not only the finest Bangladeshi cuisine but also attentive service in attractive surroundings has earned him a far-reaching reputation and understandably, a long-standing, loyal customer base.

Mr. Monaf's 40 year-long career in hospitality began when he took a job as a waiter when he was in his teens. His passion for excellent home-style food, inherited from his mother and grandmother, along with his determination to learn the industry inside out, led him straight into the kitchen to learn how to cook and serve traditional Bangladeshi cuisine. Hard work and his resolve to succeed ensured his progression along his chosen career path.

He arrived in England in 1971 from Bangladesh and although he found that the road to success was not easy, his hard graft, perseverance and natural ability forged the route to the opening of his flagship restaurant in Twickenham in 1981: The Sheesh Mahal, which is now an award-winning, much respected Bangladeshi restaurant.

In 1989, he opened his second restaurant in Hampton, Monaf's, just a few minutes drive from the famous Hampton Court. The restaurant has an unrivalled reputation for the quality of its food, its excellent service and this is reflected in the many awards the restaurant has received over the years. The restaurant is very much part of the local community and loved by its regular customer base.

In 2003, Mr. Monaf took on an additional challenge by opening his third restaurant, DEEA, on Richmond Road, Kingston upon Thames. Despite the number of competitor Bangladeshi restaurants in the area, it quickly became a Kingston landmark, again based on the consistently high-quality cuisine and Mr. Monaf's fine-tuning of traditional fare to modern tastes.

His enthusiastic and positive outlook on life make Mr. Monaf a popular member of local communities, and as a proprietor, he is known for keeping up-to-date with his customers and their dining experiences. Because of his strength of character, his enjoyment at facing the challenges of running his businesses, and his creative approach to his kitchens, he is also well-liked and respected by his both his peers and his staff.

Mr. Monaf is a keen charity fundraiser who is passionate about making a real difference and contribution to the society. Over the years he helped local community and large number of charity organizations to raise fund in his restaurants. He welcomes charity organization or individual to raise funds for good cause in his restaurants.

Although he has little spare time, Mr. Monaf enjoys spending it all with his family. He is committed not only to running successful restaurants, but also to making a positive contribution to every aspect of family life to ensure each individual family member's health, happiness and fulfillment. For this reason, he is also a cherished family figure head. And without a doubt, the tributes paid to him by his peers, staff, customers and family are more than well deserved.

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